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The crow & the butterfly - Puck/Kurt fanmix

I've had one hell of a time the past few weeks. First school, then trouble with my parents, I had to write lots of papers for school(economics), the internet connection at home was broken for a while and - to make things worse - eventually, my computer refused to talk to me(I couldn't use my key pad for DAYS!) and I couldn't figure out what was wrong. But now, I'm back with some new fanmixes!

Title: The crow & the butterfly
Fandom: Glee
Pairing: Puck/Kurt
Tracks: 13



1. Saliva - Always

Am i... your one and only desire...
Am I the reason you breath...
Or am I the reason you cry...

Always... always... always... always... always... always...
I just can't live without you...

I love you...
I hate you...
I can't get around you...
I breathe you...
I taste you...
I can't live without you...

2. The Rocket Summer - So much love

Oh, I swear, I know, I believe it
Oh, I can't stop hearing all the singing
Oh, my soul has never had this feeling
and it feels like gold

You got so much love in you
You got so much love in you
I'm amazed that I'm talkin' to you
You look like the songs that I've heard my whole life coming true

3. Maroon 5 - Can't stop

All alone in my room, think of you at a rate that is truly alarming
I keep looping my memories of you in my head, I pretend that you want me
And I fall asleep and dream of alternate realities
And I put myself at ease by pretending that she still loves me

And I can't stop thinking about you
And I can't stop thinking about you
You never call, what do I do?
And I can't stop thinking about your love

Can't believe I could think that she would just follow me everywhere I go
I just wrestle with you in my dreams and wake up making love to a pillow

What I would give to have you look in my direction
And I'd give my life to somehow attract your attention
And I touch myself like it's somebody else
Thoughts of you are tattooed on my mind, let me show you

4. The All-American Rejects - Dirty little secret

I'll keep you my dirty little secret
(Dirty little secret)
Don't tell anyone, or you'll be just another regret
(just another regret hope that you can keep it)
My dirty little secret

Who has to know
When we live such fragile lives?
It's the best way we survive
I go around a time or two
Just to waste my time with you

5. Florence and the machine - Kiss with a fist

My black eye casts no shadow
your red eye sees no pain
your slaps don't stick
your kicks don't hit
so we remain the same
blood sticks and
sweat drips
break the lock if it don't fit
a kick in the teeth is good for some
a kiss with a fist is better than none

6. Marit Larsen - If a song could get me you

So here it is, here it goes
I could try rock and roll
change your life forever too
If a song could get me you
I could make it high or low
Sing it on the radio
If that is what I need to do
If a song could get me you

If a song could get me through
I'd sing my way, right back to you
Tell me how, to make it right
Tell me now, I'll start tonight
I know I could make it last

I swear to you that if I knew
What I was getting myself into
I wouldn't answer to my fears
I'd never leave you standing there

7. John Nathaniel - Realize

But I can't spell it out for you,
No its never gonna be that simple
No I can't spell it out for you.

If you just realized what I just realized
Then we'd be perfect for each other
Then we'd never find another
Just realized what I just realized
We'd never have to wonder if
We missed out on each other but..

It's not all the same
No it's never the same
If you don't feel it too.
If you meet me half way
If you would meet me half way.
It could be the same for you.

8. Adam Lambert - For your entertainment

No escaping when I start
Once Im in I own your heart
Theres no way youll ring the alarm
So hold on until its over

Oooh, do you know what you got into?
Can you handle what Im about to do?
Cause its about to get rough for you
Im here for your entertainment
Oooh, I bet you thought that I was soft and sweet
Ya fallen angel swept ya off ya feet
Well Im about to turn up the heat
Im here for your entertainment

9. Karmina - The kiss

I know we dont belong
Everyone says its wrong
We come from different ways
So i tried to erase everything that i felt
That i felt

But then you kissed me and suddenly i dont care any more
Something in me tells me youre the one im looking for
But then you kissed me and suddenly i dont care any more
Something in me tells me youre the one im looking for
From the kiss

Palm to palm
Let lips do what hands do
They pray
Is it a sin
To do what we want to?
Dont care where weve been
Give me my sin again

10. Lady GaGa - Bad Romance

Rah rah ah-ah-ah!
Ro mah ro-mah-mah
Gaga Oo-la-la!
Want your bad romance

I want your horror
I want your design
Cause youre a criminal
As long as your mine
I want your love
I want your love

Work-work fashion baby
Work it
move that bitch crazy
Work-work fashion baby
Work it
move that bitch crazy

11. Grant Lee Phillips - Boys don't cry

I would say I'm sorry
If I thought that it would change your mind
But I know that this time
I've said too much
Been too unkind

I try to laugh about it
Cover it all up with lies
I try and
Laugh about it
Hiding the tears in my eyes
'cause boys don't cry
Boys don't cry

I would break down at your feet
And beg forgiveness
Plead with you
But I know that
It's too late
And now there's nothing I can do

12. Mark Salling - Sweet Caroline

But now i
Look at the night
And it dont seem so lonely
We fill it up with only two
And when I hurt
Hurtin runs off my shoulders
How can I hurt when Im with you

Warm, touchin warm
Reachin out
Touchin me
Touchin me

Sweet caroline
Good times never seemed so good
Ive been inclined
To believe they never would
Oh, no, no

13. Chris Colfer - Defying Gravity

Something has changed within me
Something is not the same
I'm through with playing by the rules
Of someone else's game
Too late for second-guessing
Too late to go back to sleep
It's time to trust my instincts
Close my eyes: and leap


One of my favorite pairings and some of my favorite songs. How could that not end up great. I originally made this fanmix for the challenge on [info]gleeverse But I'm afraid it's already to late to post.
Anyway I hope you like it and it would be nice to leave a comment and tell me what you think.
If the link is broken just tell me and I'll reupload it(or if you can't download from megaupload).


Tags: fanmix, glee, kurt/puck

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